Friday, 24 April 2015

Working whilst on maternity leave

This will be a relatively quick post, because I'm currently at home on maternity leave with a 7-week old baby (and a toddler, just to make life easy for myself). Oddly enough, my brain hasn't really been in work-mode. However, I have just managed to read over and comment on the first draft of a mentee's Chartership evaluative statement. How good it feels to do something that uses my brain again! Especially as it was a pretty good statement, and quite enjoyable to read. Although I'm pretty sure I've gotten a little stupider in the last 3 months...

Whilst adding this activity to the CILIP VLE to go towards my next Revalidation submission (Look! It's like I'm almost on top of things! Some days...), I also realised that I had done something else I could add to the VLE. Back in March I acted as a judge in the first round of the BBC 500 Words Competition. God knows how I managed to achieve that with a week-old baby, but somehow I did. I just hope I did the kids who wrote the stories justice, and wasn't too harsh on them!

I'm really pleased that I'm managing to do some work-related activities whilst I'm on maternity leave, even if it's only little bits here and there.

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