Friday, 6 February 2015

A (further) quick update: Reviewing my Personal Development Plan

After mulling it over yesterday, I decided that I did want to write a Review of my action plan from 2012. Somehow not doing it just didn't feel quite right. Looking at the action plans from 2012, the obvious one to review was the 3 year action plan covering Jan 2012 - Dec 2014. And so I went ahead and wrote a Review!

I was pleasantly surprised to note that I had basically achieved all the professional competencies listed - including securing a promotion, which at the time seemed like a pretty ambitious goal. I'm pretty sure that was mostly just down to luck (and a bit of badgering on my part for an additional role at a higher level in our team I guess).

The goals I struggled with a little more were the personal attributes - I have totally failed to keep my language skills up-to-date, or acquire a First Aid at Work certificate. These are both things that, for the time being, just aren't top priorities. Work don't currently need an additional First Aider, and in terms of updating my language skills, much as I would love to do this, something at home just had to give!

Finally, there was one last thing that was bothering me. I am aware (and every time I check this blog I become more aware) that I essentially have two personal development plans on the go. The one I've been referring to in this and my previous post, and the one I update in November.

Now, these plans do something quite different - the one I update in November lists specific actions that I want to complete at work (such as running a '23 Things for Research Support' activity work, or implementing a data repository solution), and comes out of the cpd23 course I did back in 2011. The January plan is much more general, stating where I would like to be professionally in 1, 3 our 5 years time (what job I would like to be doing, how good I want to be at certain elements of that job). So I don't think having both is necessarily a bad thing - but I did want to acknowledge that both existed, and when I would review and update them. With that in mind, I've written an updated list of the tasks I will carry out annually for my continuing professional development below (the initial list appeared on my post entitled Recording continuing professional development (CPD) for Revalidation).

1) Write a Review of my 1, 3 or 5 year action plan (depending on what is most appropriate)
2) Update my development plan (my 1-year, 3-year and 5-year action plans, and the broad activities I need to carry out to achieve this)
3) Update my CV

4) Complete the PKSB (Professional Knowledge and Skills Base)
5) Submit Revalidation CPD log and supporting evaluation statement

6) Update my CPD23 Personal Development Plan

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