Saturday, 23 November 2013

Actually reviewing my personal development plan

A month and a bit after I wrote about it, I have finally got around to reviewing my PDP (for those who don't know, that's a Personal Development Plan). My old one was written in Oct 2011, so the actions were rather out of date.

It hasn't actually taken me too long to come up with a new PDP. Having been back at work for three months now, there are a number of fairly obvious things I need to do to develop myself - not least of which is learn more about research data management (for some reason, this is the thing that springs to mind first - probably because it's the thing I feel I know least about, and the thing that keeps sneaking up on me on my to-do list at work).

Overall, I've managed to come up with eight new PDP goals. Admittedly, three of these are very similar to previous actions, but I believe they are still incredibly valid. And eight goals might see a lot, especially when some have more than one action attached, but I have given myself a year to achieve them all.

I've also already made a start on a couple of the goals - namely learning more about research data management, looking at referencing management software, and keeping this blog up-to-date. But more about each of those separately at a later date, perhaps after I've made a little more headway!

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