Saturday, 8 October 2011

23 Things for Professional Development: Thing #19

This Thing was a catch-up week on integrating things. Firstly, I have to give my apologies to Archel - I read her post on integrating things and really liked the way she had organised her thoughts. So I've done something similar below!

I've listed all the Things I've experimented with into four lists - things that are fully integrated, things I have every intention of integrating (but haven't got around to yet), things I would like to integrate but are of a lower priorty, and things that are less likely to become part of my regular workflow.

Fully integrated
  • Blogging
    • I've been blogging for some time now, and have three personal blogs and (now) a repository work one. I have every intention of continuing to blog about work-related things after cpd23 ends, and I have no choice but to keep the work one up-to-date! Already having two personal blogs that I maintain means I know what the time commitment for this is, and think I have the time and inclination to keep it up.
  • RSS Feeds
    • I couldn't live without them! Google Reader keeps me sane.
  • Twitter
    • Something that the cpd23 has really opened my eyes to. I was a sceptic before, but since I joined a few months ago I've really started to see the benefit, and checking Twitter is now a regular part of my day. Although I admit I tweet less than I should, and can be a bit of a lurker...
  • Reflective practice
    • Another thing I've been doing for some time - ever since I started my ILM MSc. You can't really write a Chartership portfolio without reflecting either.
    • I've been a member since 2007, and now I'm chartered it's unlikely I'll be leaving in the near future!
  • UKCoRR/ RSP (repository networks)
    • These networks have been a massive part of my working life since I started my current job in 2010. I don't know how I'd do my work half as well without them.
  • Chartership
    • I've chartered! Hoorah! I heard I'd chartered successfully this September, so only a month ago. It was a big commitment, and a lot of work, but definitely worthwhile
  • Mentoring
    • I can't say how good an idea I think having a mentor is. It's really great to have a mentor, formal or informal, who you can bounce ideas off and won't judge you. My most recent mentor was my chartership one, and it was a really positive experience. Of course, it helps if you get on with your mentor and they are reliable!
  • Wikis
    • I've created a wiki that we use at work for maintaining guidelines for the staff working on our repository. It's perhaps not the best used system we have, but it is used by the repository team for advice and guidance.
  • Conferences
    • I've attended a lot more of these than I've organised, but it's something I'm willing to get involved in. And I've learnt a lot from the conferences I've attended over the past couple of years
  • Advocacy
    • Here I'm talking about repository advocacy (which I do a lot of) rather than general library advocacy, but that is already a big part of my job, and will continue to be
Intentional integration (high priority)
  • Prezi/ SlideShare
    • I'm really keen to use Prezi to create presentations that I can use in future repository training events, but simply haven't had the time to put anything together yet. I'm hoping I can have something ready by the end of the year.
  • Jing/ screen capture tools
    • Again, I'd really like to use Jing to create a movie showing how to add an item to the repository which new users can then view - but haven't had the time to do this yet. It's on the list.
Intentional integration (low priorty)
  • Personal brand
    • I think personal brand is important and have attempted something consistent across work-realted platforms. It's OK as it is (although not perfect), so I'm not too worried about improving on it in the near future. But I want to make sure I stay visible and at least a little branded
  • Facebook
    • I use this to communicate with friends, but not really for work purposes. I'm not sure I want this to change - some things should remain separate from work
    • I signed up to LISNPN a while ago but I have to admit I haven't engaged with it very much. I do think it's a great idea though, and if I had more time...
  • Google Calendar    
    • Again, something I use outside of work to keep up with friends. We have other calendars at work (Outlook springs to mind) so I'm not sure duplicating that information is the best use of my time
  • Dropbox
    • When I saw there was a Thing about Dropbox, I got quite excited as I had wanted to look into it for a while. I haven't really used it much since I set up an account though. I'm still waiting to see if there's a genuine need for me to use it
  • Zotero/ Mendeley
    • Again, two referencing tools I had wanted to look at for some time. Currently I've not really got much use for them (a year ago when I had lots of references for my chartership they would have been great!), but I expect that when I do Zotero is likely to get much more integrated into my workflows

Not going to be integrated
  • LinkedIn
    •  Just not on my high priority list!
  • Pushnote
  • Evernote
    • Both things I signed up to as part of cpd23, but haven't really looked at or felt the need to use since I signed up to them. 
  • Google Docs
    • I do have a Google Account, and access to Google Docs, but haven't really found a use for this that's not fulfilled in some other way
  • Podcasts
    • I can definitely see the benefit of these generally, I'm just not sure how I would use them personally
Overall I think this list is fairly similar to what I anticipated when I was doing each of these Things, with only a few surprises - my limited use of Dropbox perhaps being the biggest one.

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